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OVI40 Order Page

On this page you can place preorders for components of

SDR-Transceiver "OVI40"

Actually only UI-PCB and LCD are available. RF-PCB, its modules, cases and other parts will follow soon.


OVI40 UI does have 30p connector which is compatible to mcHF RF PCB (v0.6 or older). So you can use OVI40 UI PCB together with mcHF RF until OVI40 RF PCB is available.

All prices are without tax! If you order from inside Germany or an EU country you have to add 19% VAT to all prices. If you order from another country you must not do that - but you will have to pay customs fees which depend on your states customs regulation.

If you fill out the form and confirm preorder you will get an email with the complete amount and payment informations (you don not have to pay the complete amount at all possible combinations immediately). With paying of the preorder amount the contract starts.

If the amount of preorders has increased above the minimum amount, manufacturing will start (PCBs and so on). Hopefully 3...4 weeks later I can ship the items to you. If the payment was not complete you will get another email for paying the rest and after I got your fee I will ship the parts. You will get a tracking link. Of course there is an invoice added to parcel which is accepted by customs declaration.

Please fill the following form and press "confirm preorder" after you do have checked everything.

All items with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. The rediculous item with the "traffic light" is for removing spam-orders made by bots. Also orders with missing mandatory items and/or misspelled email addresses will be ignored, too. You will get a confirmation mail within some minutes created by my server. I will respond by myself within 24h. If you do not get the automated reply within 6h please contact me (DF8OE) e.g. at discussion forum of


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Shipping Costs: PCB - 7,00 Euro, all other items within Germany - 7,90 Euro, within EU - 19,00 Euro, outside EU - 26,00 Euro
Prices are excluded VAT! - fairness to people, animals and nature!